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30 rock, agatha christie, arrested development, beatles, ben stiller, bill weasley, billy petersen, biology, blackadder, blair waldorf, bones, books, booth, british humour, brothers and sisters, btvs, buffy/angel, buffy/spike, bugs, cameron, cameron/house, carwash, chemistry, chess, chuck, colin firth, crime novels, crime scene investigation, csi, dair, dan humphrey, dan/blair, dr. james wilson, dvds, edgar allan poe, emily vancamp, entomology, er, eragon, experiments, films, football, forensic science, forensics, frasier, friends, frodo, futurama, geeklove, geeks, gil grissom, gil grissom/sara sidle, gossip girl, greg house, grissom, grissom/sara, gsr, harry potter, hercule poirot, history, hodges, house, house md, house/cameron, hugh laurie, imagination, indiana jones, individuality, insomnia, j.k. rowling, j.r.r. tolkien, jd/elliot, john carter, jorja fox, kate/sawyer, legen-wait-for-it-dary, lord of the rings, lost, manhunter, michael/sara, movies, murder mysteries, my friends, naomi watts, nerds, niles/daphne, noah wyle, penn/blake, percy weasley, pink floyd, poirot, poker, prison break, private detective, reading, remus lupin, roller coasters, ron/hermione, ryan/marissa, sam/martin, sara sidle, sarah michelle gellar, scary movie, science, scrubs, shakespeare, star wars, tea, the beatles, the hobbit, the matrix, the o.c., the simpsons, the who, twinnings tea, wentworth miller, william petersen, wilson, without a trace, yobling, zach braff
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About me:
I am a fangirl who likes doing lots of things like reading, sports(most of all handball and football) loves going to the movies with my friends...but most of all...I love watching TV. My favourite shows are CSI(my all time fav) then I also like House, CSI NY, Bones, Dr Who, Las Vegas, Prison Break, The OC, Without a Trace, and many many more. I'm still in school and my favourite subjects are maths, biology, chemistry and physics.

CSI:Grissom/Sara(my favourite ship ever and I go on about gsr the whole time...totally obsessed dedicated to it)
also ship:Catherine/Nick(they look cute together don't they??)
Catherine/Warrick(I used to ship this more but since 'Ricks marriage I just don't like it as much!)
House:House/Cameron(I think this ship is a bit similar to gsr)
House/Cuddy(cos I love them together)
Cameron/Chase(cos they are both nice and I like em together)
Without a Trace:Jack/Sam
Lost:Sawyer/Kate(cos they are hot together...)

...(I'm sure they are more...)

Favourite Actors:
Well that list would take ages to make so so for now I'll just say I love William Petersen.(with or without the beard...I have yet to decide which I prefer...)

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Marissa Cooper is melodramatic love hate.

Ryan Atwood is brooding love.

Summer/Zach is love like, ew!

Seth Cohen is geeky love.

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